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Monday, October 20, 2008

My little super heroes

I took the boys the other day to get pictures taken of them in their Halloween costumes.  Normally, I would just take them myself, but I got this package where I could come anytime I want and not have a sitting fee.  You know me...I like a bargain, so I plan on getting my money's worth. 

Micah wanted to be Spiderman for Halloween, since he's thought he was Spiderman ever since his birthday.  So we got him one that even has muscles.  Then we were looking around at WalMart for a costume for Caleb, and Micah saw the Superman costume and wanted that to be Caleb's costume.  And you know I like my guys to be matchypoo if I can, so I thought it would work out.

Micah really enjoyed getting to take these pictures.  He really thinks he is Spiderman, so he kept jumping around and doing super hero moves.  As you can tell from the picture of both boys, he was in motion, but the girl was able to take the picture without any blur.  Plus, it helped that we didn't have to worry if he was smiling or not.

So here are the pictures of my super heroes.






The Maples said...

Too cute. He looks really into being Spiderman! Ben and Caleb are going to be twins! We're recycling Josh's superman outfit for Ben this year. There isn't much for a kid who won't wear anything on his head! I've had to get pretty crafty with Josh. He wants to be Linny from the Wonder Pets, and they don't make one in his size, so I'm making it. I'm feeling so domestic! =)