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Monday, March 29, 2010

What a slacker I’ve been!

Well, I’m sorry it has taken so long for me to post anything. It started off innocently enough. I had wanted to post pictures from my sister’s visit around Christmas, and other things, but I didn’t want to do them out of order chronologically. So I just kept putting it off. Then my sister started hounding me. I even had a friend send me a note on Facebook asking me if I was still blogging. I will now have to borrow Christina’s motto: 1-2-3…Blog it!

Since I’ve been such a slacker in the blog business, I figured out I would restart my regular posting with a bang.

Wait for it….

Keep scrolling…

Just a little bit more…


I hope that gets me off the hook for not blogging for so long. It’s not official yet. I’ve had two positive home pregnancy tests. I go to my regular physician on Monday and will do the whole pee-in-a-cup thing, and then I will get referred to Dr. Huss’ office. I don’t know who I will see until Dr. Huss gets back to business, but the ladies in his office told me that he is itching to get back to work.

By my calculations, I figure I will be due around the holidays, but I will know for sure once I see the doctor.

You may now return to your regular scheduled program.