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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Is there a conspiracy against my tree?

Well, I just got done putting my tree back in a standing position AGAIN!  I was working in the dining room while the boys were playing.  I happened to look over just as Caleb pulled the tree down on himself for the SECOND time.  Two more ornaments bit the dust in the fall, in addition to the ornament he broke this morning.  I thought that all the breakable ornaments were out of reach, but I guess I was wrong.

Once again, I didn't have my camera for this photo op.  Needless to say, putting the tree up the first time is the most enjoyable time.  The times that the tree is pulled over...not so much.

To add insult to (my tree's) injury, Lima pooped all over the carpet and my tree skirt the other day.  She had a little tummy problem.  The tree skirt was ruined.  The carpet needs a little more work.  But my poor tree, which is now leaning a little, has no skirt.  Oh, the horror!

We've never had these tree problems before, but we were in a little house last Christmas and Caleb wasn't mobile, and when Micah was Caleb's age, the tree was barricaded between the couch and the love seat.  I guess next year should be better.  But I am determined that the tree will stay UP this year.  I just have to make it one more week without any calamities.  Here's hoping!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I'm not just a stay at home mom...

I was just reading a blog, and this excerpt really hit home:

If I identify myself as the culture does, as a "stay at home Mom", one who has no intellectual contribution, gross-national product contribution or status symbol contribution, I become just that: a woman who sees herself as one who has grunted and groaned out another human being and now stays behind her four walls, in self-imposed seclusion. Not much of a vision there---it actually sounds strangely psychotic.
If I deem myself as a woman employed by the Creator of everything ever created, as on work assignment in a sacred domain for the sculpting of souls that will exist forever and forever without end, I have a burning passion of purpose. And a paycheck that is said to be beyond what eye or ear can even comprehend!

I have been thinking a lot about this lately.  In my life before kids, I was an equal earner in my marriage, and even before my marriage, I was self-sufficient.  But this excerpt really reminded me that I have a higher calling, and that it's not all about dollars and cents...even in these economically challenging times.

I enjoy getting to raise my kids.  I also enjoy working.  I'm not sure when I will have a paying job again, but I am cherishing the times that I have with my boys.  The time passes all too quickly.

If you want to read the whole blog, here is the link: http://www.aholyexperience.com/2005/05/strange-disappearance.html

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

And the tree came tumbling down...

We put up our Christmas tree on Saturday.  I had been itching to start decorating it.  But we had to wait until after Thanksgiving. 

030  035 

041  046

047  049

051  055

039 056 058

062  071

072 077

We were even able to get a tree in the boys' room.  I know these trees won't win awards, but it was fun to see the boys enjoy getting to decorate them.  And I have spent the last 3 days firmly reminding the boys that the ornaments are supposed to stay ON the tree.

So here we are today...3 days later.  We were babysitting our nieces, Taylor and Madison, and all 4 kids were in the living room looking at the tree.  John is sitting in a spot where he can see the kids and I hear him say, "Oh no."  Next thing you know, we hear Caleb crying.  He had pulled the tree down on himself.  I start freaking out (it's what I do).  We get Caleb out from under the tree, and he is still screaming.  He wasn't hurt, but he just scared himself.  I'm comforting him while John is trying to get the tree standing again.  I don't have any pictures (too bad, because in hindsight, the picture of your kid under a fallen Christmas tree would be fun to have!).  I'm hoping that all 4 kids learned their lessons from this little incident.