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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Caleb's first haircut

We took Caleb and Micah on Saturday to get haircuts.  For Caleb, it was his first haircut ever, and this was Micah's first professional haircut.  We have always cut Micah's hair on our own, but it almost always ends up being a buzz cut because of all of his cowlicks.  But Caleb had all of those curls, so I didn't really know how to cut it. 

We took the boys to Whipper Snippers, a really cute place where they specialize in children's haircuts.  They had chairs that were airplanes and cars, and some that were hands.  Micah chose a car to sit in, and Caleb sat in the airplane.  They also have movies playing at each station, or they could play video games to keep them occupied.


Before the haircut                                                                                              


Not so bad yet...


He didn't like the clippers.


That boy sure is pretty, but I miss the curls.

All in all, Caleb did pretty well.  He only cried a little bit, and mostly only when I moved too far away.  I like his new haircut, but he looks so different than he did before.  I guess it just seems like he's growing up.  With the curls, he still looked like a baby.  I know...I'm just being a sappy mama.


The Maples said...

Those kids haircutting places are great, aren't they? He looks so stinkin' cute with his big boy haircut. Like a whole different little boy without those curls. I hope you saved one of the curls for the baby book! =)

33shadow said...

I think it's neat that you can comment on my LiveJournal with an OpenID that links to your blogspot. I love the pictures of Caleb getting his haircut. Clayton doesn't have any curls, but his hair is still short enough that he won't need a haircut for a while.