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Friday, October 3, 2008

Jeopardy! Here I Come!

Tonight's the big night!  The Jeopardy! Brain Bus is coming to Santa Maria.  John and I tried out a few years ago in Santa Barbara but we didn't get on.  But it was still so much fun!

Maybe tonight is our night.  How it works is that they have a written pre-test that you take.  If you score enough correct answers, you get asked back either the next day or the near future.  Last time, I missed one too many questions. 

The Clue Crew is there emceeing the whole thing.  They have little buzzers set up where you can actually play a little Jeopardy! game.  They give you the answer and if you buzz in fast enough you can give the question.  I think I almost wet my pants I was so excited the last time.

Anyway, wish us luck.  I will update later on all the excitement and the results of our quest for game show fame and fortune!