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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Far Away Friends

So my friend Jacquie posted on her blog some pictures of her friends, and I thought that was a nice idea. John and I have been talking about some friends of ours who have moved away over the past year. If we were rich (cross your fingers!) we would be able to go and visit them as often as we would like. But finances being what they are, that just isn't possible. But it is so nice to have the conveniences of email, Facebook, and MySpace. It's amazing how addicting these things become, especially when keeping in touch with our friends and family. So here are some pictures of our friends.

christinas visit 074

John with Chris and Kayla Alverson. They moved to Colorado Springs before Caleb was born. Chris was the best babysitter we ever had. Micah loved having Chris watch him!


Our good friends, Kim and Denny Alverson. They are a great example of a loving Christian husband and wife. John and I really look up to them.


Here are some more good friends, Jacquie and Justin Crutchley. They recently moved to Wichita, Kansas. We hope they don't get carried off in a tornado like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.


And finally, here are Ryan, Liz, and Ryder Miller. They just got transferred by the Air Force to Colorado Springs. Ryder was born two months before Caleb. Even though they were here only a short time, we really got to know them well, and we miss them.

John and I have realized that God has really blessed us with good Christian friends. Even though they are far away now, we remember the times we have shared with them. Hopefully, we will be able to travel to visit them one day.