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Monday, October 13, 2008

Micah's first birthday party...well, sort of

We took Micah to his first non-family birthday party on Saturday.  His friend Noah from his Sunday school class turned 3, and Micah could not wait for the day of the birthday party. 

When we got the invitation, I told Micah that the inside of the invitation said, "It's Noah's birthday.  Can Micah come to the party?"  I kept it on the refrigerator, and almost every day Micah would pull it down and show it to us.  He would open it up and say, "It's Noah's birthday!"  It was so sweet that he was so excited to be able to go to his party.

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Lunch was hamburgers and really huge hot dogs that looked like they were on steroids.  I thought that Micah and Caleb could share one, but Caleb ended up eating one whole hot dog!  I think he has a hollow leg or a tapeworm or something.

When lunch was done, there was Madagascar bingo, and then pin the tail on the donkey.  But it was a blow up donkey.  I had never seen one like that before.  All the kids got to put on a hat and then get blindfolded.  The picture above shows what good aim Micah has.  Caleb played to with a little help from one fof the girls.  We didn't even attempt to put the blindfold on him, though.


And John is always up for a challenge, so he tried his hand at pin the tail on the donkey also.

They also had a pinata, but not one that you hit with a stick.  This one had streamers on the bottom, and you keep pulling them out one by one until the candy falls out.  Micah really enjoyed that.  He got a lot of candy.




Caleb kept going up to the donkey to check him out.


This is Noah opening the tool set that Micah and Caleb gave him for his birthday.

We all had a really good time at the party.  Micah enjoyed running around with the other boys with the balloon arrangements that were the table settings.  They kept using them as punching bags.  When we left, both boys got to take home goodie bags and a balloon.  The balloons have provided fun every day since then as well.