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Sunday, May 30, 2010

An Afternoon at the Beach

It has been such nice weather for this Memorial Day weekend.  Today after church, we packed the kids in the car and headed out to Surf Beach.  I was armed with sand toys and my trusty camera.

001 002

007 013

016 022

Caleb is afraid of the waves, so he mostly stayed with me and we made sand castles.  He really had fun stomping on them after we had built them.  I started calling him Caleb-zilla.

005 006

I got some video of him destroying the sand city we had built.

A little later, Micah wanted to get in on the Godzilla action.

John and Micah played in the waves and took a walk down the beach to look around.  While on their walk, Micah found a couple of sticks for him and Caleb to play with.  Amazingly enough, no eyes were poked out and no boys were harmed due to these sticks. 

015 027

Caleb eventually got brave enough to get closer to the water to go find rocks.  He would find a rock, run back to show it to me, and then go back to the tide to throw the rock into the water. 

008 009 010 011

In that last picture you can see the rock in mid-air on its way into the waves.  The funniest part though, is the last picture of the sequence.  The waves started to come in and he thought for sure they were going to catch him.  Look at the expression in this last picture!


He was running as fast as he could away from those waves.  You should have seen how fast those little arms and legs were pumping!  Hilarious!

019 023

024 025

028 018

Caleb was tired out by the time we got home.  He wanted to snack on some goldfish, but fell asleep while he was eating them.  He was actually still chewing when he fell asleep.  But not Micah, he was wide awake!

029 031

We had a really great time.  The boys love to be doing anything outside, and they really love going to the beach.  I have already decided that we are going to try to spend as much time at the beach this summer as we can.  It’s something different from just spending time at home, and best of all…it’s FREE!


The Maples said...

That picture of him running away from the waves is priceless. Ben was the same way about the waves. We really hope we can come and have some beach time with you guys this summer!