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Friday, July 31, 2009

Tumble Tots

A friend told me about a tumble tots program that was going to be starting today at Gymnastics North.  We will meet every other Friday for an hour and the kids will get to play and learn about gymnastics.  So I thought it would be fun for Caleb to go to since Micah is in preschool on Friday mornings.

We went this morning, and Caleb had a blast!  Since today was the first day, they had it set up so the kids could have free play.  They got to go on the long trampoline.  There was a little obstacle course set up, and the kids could also go in the Monkey Maze, which I’ve said before is kind of like the play area at McDonalds. 

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Caleb really enjoyed himself.  So much, that he didn’t even care about going in the Super Swing.  That’s the swing that is kind of like a swing on a bungee cord.  I kept asking if he wanted to swing, and he would say yes, but on the way over, he would get distracted by some other cool thing. 

There were about 10 kids ages 1-3 there.  Since they were so little, the parents were allowed to come in and assist their kiddos.  Normally, the parents stay in the front of the building and watch from there if they want.  It was fun to watch Caleb interact with the other kids and it was also nice to meet the other moms. 

The timing also worked out great since we will be meeting every other Friday.  We are heading to Texas for my sister’s wedding next Saturday, so we won’t have to worry about missing one of the days.