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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bike Ride to the Park

When John got home from work he asked Micah if he wanted to ride his bike to the Briar Creek Park and then play baseball once we got there. Micah took all of one nanosecond to say yes. So John and Micah got their bikes and got Micah’s gear on and started off to the park. Caleb and I followed (or stalked, depending on your perspective) in my car. Hey, I had to take pictures, didn’t I?

Micah and John have ridden around the block before, but this is the longest bike ride Micah has ever been on before. It’s about 3/4 mile to 1 mile to get to the park at Briar Creek. Micah did really well.

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Here’s some video I took of them riding past us.

I’m really amazed that Caleb wasn’t crying while I took the video since he REALLY didn’t like that he couldn’t go on the bikes too. But once he saw Micah and John ride past, he started crying again. Oh, the injustice of it all! We should get one of those bike trailers.

They made it all the way to the park, and we started batting practice. I didn’t get any pictures since Micah told me I had to be the catcher. I was taking my job seriously, so there was no time for lollygagging and photo ops. Micah is a really good hitter. He’s got great coordination and hit the ball almost every time.

After batting practice was over, we headed over to the little playground. The boys had fun climbing around and sliding on the slides. We didn’t really see what happened, but we hear a “clunk” and then Caleb started crying. He had hit his head on the wrought iron fence surrounding the playground. He came over and we kissed his forehead and made it better.

It was time to go home a few minutes later since it was getting cold. John happened to look at Caleb and we noticed that he had a GIANT goose egg on his forehead where he hit the fence.


We’re heading to Texas next week for my sister’s wedding, so I’m really hoping that the bruise he is sure to get clears up by then. I don’t think my sister will be happy if he’s got this big bruise on his forehead when we take family pictures.

Back to the story…

Caleb and I got into the car, and John and Micah took off on their bikes to head home. I’m just so proud of Micah, because he made it the entire way back home riding his bike. So he rode his bike almost 2 miles today. I’m hoping he sleeps really good and late tonight!