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Sunday, July 12, 2009

It makes a mama proud!

Micah has been going to regular church with us, and then the kids are dismissed to Children’s Church usually after the offering.  He has really enjoyed being able to go. 

Once he turned 4, he was able to start going to the evening Children’s Church as well instead of being in the nursery.  A few weeks ago he was able to tell us his first scripture that he had memorized.  It was the Golden Rule.  He learned this after only 2 times attending the evening Children’s Church.  (Thanks Miss Angie!!!)  I just about started to cry when I heard him say it for the first time. 

Well this morning, we get home from church and were getting ready to go meet our friends the Websters for a picnic.  Micah started reciting the fruits of the Spirit, which is what he had learned in Children’s Church today.  He needed a little prompting from John, but he was able to do it mostly by himself.  And he didn’t stop there.  He has been repeating the verse all day!  The great thing was that after the first few times with prompting, he was able to name all the fruits, IN ORDER, without any prompting at all!  My heart has been overflowing all day!  I am just so proud of  my boy!

What makes this even more special is that Micah used to not talk all that much just a year ago.  Most of you know the trouble Micah had learning how to talk.  He had started talking a little at a pretty early age, and then one day just stopped.  It had worried me, even though most people just said he would talk when he was ready.

John and I really attribute the change in Micah to be an affirmation from God that we are now at the church where he wants us to be.  Because, you see, we had been attending a church with very few kids, and other troubles on top of that.  In fact, Micah was the only child in his Sunday school class.  He wasn’t getting much of a lesson. 

We had no sooner found our new church, when Micah started talking after just a couple of weeks.  Now, some people might see this as a coincidence, but John and I don’t.  We had been praying for months and months about whether or not to leave our former church, and really felt like God was leading us to North Avenue Baptist Church.  About a month or so after we had been attending North Avenue, Micah told us about what he had been learning in Miss Vickie’s class.  The lesson they had been going over week after week was “God with us.”  He told us that exact phrase.  When we figured out that was what he was saying the waterworks started for me.  When I told Miss Vickie about him telling us about the lesson, she told me that Micah was the first child she had that had actually verbalized what they had been learning.  Now to hear that about my son who had had trouble even talking was wonderful!

This may seem like a lot of babbling, but my heart is just so full, that I wanted to get it all out and share my joy!  My eyes are watering again just remembering it all.  I must sound like a crybaby, but I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Above all, I know that God has His hand on my little family, and especially my two little boys.  And that is the best place for us to be!


The Bowers Family said...

Praise God! I am so happy for all of you. What a blessing it is when our kids start to talk about God and learning the basics of our faith. Before long it will be Caleb learning from Micah. This all surely makes for a great start to the week.
Kim and family
ps see you in just a few weeks!