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Friday, July 17, 2009

Gymnastics Camp


We sent Micah to a gymnastics day camp at Gymnastics North this week.  He went every day from 9 until noon.  He really enjoyed himself. 

They had a fun Monkey Maze which is kind of like the play structure they have at McDonald’s but much cooler.  They also have this really long trampoline that Micah really liked.  There was also this swing that 3 people could fit on, and the instructor would spin them around really fast.  The kids all loved that one.  And of course there was all the regular gymnastics thing you would think about.  There were the parallel bars, the rings, and the balance beam.

Every day Micah got to take a turn on the Super Swing, which is a bucket chair hooked up to giant bungee cords.  The teacher would then pull the chair back and let go like a giant slingshot.  The chair would shoot forward and then bounce all over the place.  It was cute because every time he would let out this squeal when he would shoot forward. 

The teachers said that Micah did really well in the camp.  He followed directions well (which makes Mama happy), and I’m guessing he learned how to do some basic gymnastics skills.