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Friday, July 10, 2009

Will they sell…Or won’t they sell???

That is the question. 

I’ve been making some crafts.  And I got the crazy idea that I might be able to sell them.  So I’m going to try to sell them.  Every summer, the Chamber of Commerce puts on the Olde Towne Market fair on South H Street next to the Farmer’s Market. 

The price to rent a space was pretty reasonable, so I bit the bullet and rented a table for tonight.  I have been making Scrabble tile pendants…(I’m going to call them vintage, since I got the Scrabble tiles from my grandma who has had her particular Scrabble game since the dark ages!).  I am having trouble getting a picture that isn’t blurry.  I also made some glass tile pendants.

013 012

I am selling them with and without the cords, mainly because I wasn’t able to find enough of the black satin cord.  So the rest of the pendants are going to be displayed on a board.  The Scrabble tiles are on the top 4 rows, and the glass tiles are on the bottom 2 rows.  I thought that had made a ton more, but I guess it just seemed like I had. =)


I also made a couple different types of hair clippie holders for girls.  I started out making holders out of picture frames.  I also made them with cute little wooden shapes that I got from the craft store.



And I have been making fleece tie blankets as baby shower gifts for a couple of years now.  I thought I would make a few of them and see if they sell.


So we’ll see how I do.  I used to sell PartyLite, and I have a ton of votive candles left over.  So I’m going to see if I can sell those too.  This is the first outing for Ragamuffin Express, so wish me luck!


The Bowers Family said...


I think all this stuff looks great and I am sure you will have so much fun tonight. I can't believe Grandma gave up the scrabble tiles, I 'm impressed. Those are definitely vintage. Madison would love those necklaces, got any Tinkerbell? I also love the bow holders, very smart idea. Best of luck, can't wait to hear how it all goes.


The Maples said...

Looks like it was a pretty good night from your FB status. That's so great! Keep it up!!! =)