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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Romans 3:23

He did it again!  Micah learned another memory verse in church!  He didn’t tell us about it at first, though.  He came home from church tonight and said he had won some prizes in an auction.  But when we asked him about it, he couldn’t really explain.  So I called Mrs. Angie to ask her about it.

Angie told me that they earn tokens for attendance and for memorizing Scripture.  And tonight was the night that they got to use their tokens for the auction. 

While I was talking to her, she mentioned that they have been working on Romans 3:23 “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”  She said he almost had it. 

Once I got off the phone, I told John that Micah was now working on Romans 3:23.  We started him off, and Micah finished the verse!  Of course, you know we have a camera permanently attached to us, so we had to get it on video.  So here goes:

We both got so excited, and it’s rubbing off on Micah because he was talking really fast in this video.  But we are just so happy and both John and I were both saying how it just made our hearts happy to see our son reciting Scripture.  So far he’s learned the golden rule, the fruits of the Spirit, and now Romans 3:23.  I’m having trouble wiping the silly grin off of my face!