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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Baby Powder Incident of 2009

I don't know where they found it, but they did. I guess in the chaos of unpacking from our trip to Texas, the baby powder got left within the reach of little hands. I was in the bedroom unpacking when I smelled the very familiar scent of baby powder. That didn't bode well, so I went to check on my mischievous sons, and this is what I found.


120 121 122

I came into the living room and the boys were just laughing and giggling.  They kept saying, “Mommy, we’re ghosts!”  I really couldn’t be mad at them because I must have left the baby powder in their reach.  Plus they just looked so darn cute!

So if you come to visit, at least our house will smell baby fresh!  Maybe that nice smell will last until this Saturday, when we have Caleb’s 2nd birthday party.


The Maples said...

That is absolutely awesome!!! The pictures are perfect. Micah looks so proud of himself, and Caleb seems to say "he made me do it." Too too cute. That definitely gave me my smile for the day! =)