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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Caleb’s first day of preschool

Today I started my new job at the Ballard School, so it was also Caleb’s first day of preschool.  At A Child’s Village, they take kids starting at two years old, so the timing worked out perfectly, since Caleb just had his second birthday.

I was a little worried how he would react to being left at school, since he is a little attached to me, but I really shouldn’t have worried.  Usually when I drop Micah off, he doesn’t want to leave, so I should have taken that as a clue. 

John and I both told Micah that since he was the big brother, it was his job to take care of Caleb while we were gone and to show him the ropes. 

We got Caleb a new Cars lunchbox that he was super excited about.  I took the boys to school, and when I left, he was following Micah and the other kids around playing.  Not a tear was shed because of my departure.  That’s a good thing, or I probably would have worried all day.

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When I got back into town after work, I called the school and they said both boys were asleep.  It was nice to have a little alone time, and I went grocery shopping.  John finished his day out in Lompoc, so he ended up picking up the boys.  He got rave reviews from the staff about how well Caleb did.  I’m really proud of Caleb, and I’m proud that Micah helped to make sure that Caleb would have a good first day of school.


Mamma said...

Ya'll have two precious children. I am so glad that Caleb did well going to school. Good news Mom. Your Micah will be a very responsible young man. Love you and miss you.