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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Winner Winner! TV Dinner!

John is officially walking on air.  Last night he found out he was the big winner in a bracket pool sponsored by a local TV station.  What did he win, you may ask?

                       big tv

He won this Sony 46” HD LCD TV.  And that’s not all.  He also won this:

                      blu ray

He also won a tilted wall mount for the TV, the HD wires that are needed, plus custom installation.  It is all valued at $4000.  Can you believe it?  Besides our cars, I don’t think we’ve ever owned anything worth $4000.

How did he win this?  Well, you know what a sports fanatic John is.  So he entered that competition, and he has been neck and neck with the guy in second place for a few days now.  He was so anxious the past few days because he wasn’t quite sure that he had it in the bag.

After the championship game last night, John got a phone call from the TV station.  He was going to be announced on the morning show, and this afternoon he is meeting them at Audio Video City to be interviewed for the news.  He’s pretty excited.

He has been begging to get a big flat screen TV for years.  I kept telling him we needed to do things like pay bills (what a crazy idea!) or buy diapers…or maybe feed our family.  So now he doesn’t have to worry about anything.  I don’t know when we’re getting the TV installed, but you can bet I’ll be posting some pictures when it’s done!


The Bowers Family said...

Congrats, that is very cool! Free is awesome. You guys must have good contestant genes. I bet you win the playground too. SO happy for you and you guys deserve it. All those hours taking care of others. God has ways to reward his children. So hapy for you and can't wait to see the pictures of his smiling face. I know you can't wait to see cartoons in HD, I mean ESPN.

The Maples said...

That is so awesome! Congratulations. You'll have to try to get the news footage posted on youtube or something so we can see it. Andrew's bracket was shot after the 2nd round or something liek that. He bows to John's superior college basketball knowledge. =) We're so happy for you! And not at all jealous... okay, maybe a little. =)