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Saturday, April 4, 2009

A-hunting we will go

Today we took the boys and our nieces to the Easter egg hunt sponsored by the City of Santa Maria.  We loaded the kids in the car and off we went. 

There was a ton of people at the park when we got there.  We let the kids run up a little grassy hill and it was so cute because when they got to the top they all said, OOH!  They saw the giant bounce houses and the octopus slide and of course wanted to go over right away.  I’m not really sure why Micah has his basket over his head.


When we got down to where the egg hunt was going to be, we ran into the Easter Bunny.  It was great because all of the kids including Caleb wanted to go up and meet him.  

002 016

We took them to the line to wait their turns to go hunting.  Here they are saying “Easter Egg!”


The parents weren’t allowed to go inside the enclosure with the kids, so Caleb ended up not wanting to hunt for Easter eggs.  But the big kids had a blast.

154 156


There were carnival games like a ring toss and the bean bag toss.  The kids had fun throwing things at the targets and getting prizes for their efforts.

008 015

And of course they couldn’t wait to go up and down the big octopus slide.  Caleb was too little to go, so he just ran around while they played on the octopus.

183 020

021 189

On our way back to the car, we came across a playground, so we let the kids play a bit. 

028 029

030 194


We enjoyed ourselves today.  John commented on the way home that he didn’t want to jinx anything, but he thought we might be getting the hang of having 4 kids.  We’ll see…we only have them on Saturdays.  Who knows how it would be if we had 4 kids seven days a week!


Mamma said...

I grew up with all my cousins coming to my grandparents home (where I lived) and having Easter Egg Hunts. When the girls were growing up we did the egg hunt at at the end of the cul de sac on Summerwood. The whole neighborhood came for the event and Granny hide the eggs! I think these things are so much fun. Glad to see the kids go and have fun.