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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Rest of Easter Weekend

The Saturday before Easter we had Taylor and Madison over and they helped Micah and Caleb dye Easter eggs.  The kids got pretty creative with the white crayon and making secret messages and pictures on the eggs before they dyed them. It was fun to dye the eggs with them.

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This is a picture of Caleb throwing a fit because I was putting the eggs and dye away when we were done.  Not a happy camper!123

The next morning the boys got to see what was in their Easter baskets.  Caleb really enjoyed his little Easter bunny.  He kept giving it hugs.




After church, we had John’s family over for lunch.  I had invited my grandma and aunt, but they didn’t take us up on our offer.  While the final touches were being put on lunch, John had the kids hunt for the eggs he had hidden in the back yard.