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Sunday, April 12, 2009

A fun Easter weekend

The Stults family had a very busy weekend.  A local church was hosting an Easter Eggstravaganza.  We took the boys there instead of the hunt hosted by the city because we wanted the boys to get the true story behind Easter, and we knew that the church would have many opportunities to tell the boys the story of Easter and Christ’s resurrection.

The program started out with singing a few songs.  Then we were told a story about Easter and the colors of Easter eggs.  We then went to make a craft.

003 005

031 033

After making our craft, we went on to have cupcakes.  They then separated us up and told us where to go to hunt for eggs.  The boys were so excited to hunt for the eggs.

043 006

Can you see the excitement on Micah’s face?

On to the hunt.  I kept up with Caleb and John kept up with Micah, although he already knew the ropes.     008  052

009 054

Caleb found a whole bunch of eggs that were “hidden” against a wall.  He wouldn’t hold the basket at the same time he had the eggs.  So I just put the basket on the ground and he would drop the eggs in.  And of course, Micah knew what to do, since he’s now a pro at egg hunting.

045 048 049 013

When we  had found all  the eggs, we went back into the sanctuary.  They  handed the boys tickets when we entered, and they started handing out prizes.  When Micah’s number was called, we sent him up to claim his prize.  We were at the back of the sanctuary, and Micah ran back to us holding the prize way up in the air.  He was so proud that he had won.

We left then, because Caleb was tired.  We had plans to meet some friends and have a picnic at the mission.  I don’t want this post to be too long, so I will post that later.