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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring is in the air…

Flowers are blooming, baby animals are being born, and it’s almost Easter.  You know what that means…spring is here!  And springtime means that the boys want to play outside all the time.  We have a swing set in our backyard, but this is our dream playground:


When my sister and I were kids, we had one of those metal swing sets with the A frame construction.  It was fun because if you swung high enough, you could get the frame to rock back and forth.  Looking back, I guess we’re lucky we never actually knocked the swing set over or we could have been injured.

Just look at the picture above…the boys could have hours of fun on that.  It’s called the Three Ring Adventure from Kid’s Creations.  It’s a sturdy playground that even my two little roughnecks can’t destroy.  There’s a climbing wall, swings, a tire swing, and slides.  The nice thing about it is that there is room for a ton of other kids too!  We watch our nieces, Taylor and Madison, on Saturdays and there is something for everyone.  No more fighting over who gets to do what.

Well, I am entering a contest to win this playground for Micah and Caleb.  And you can enter too if you want!  There is a site called Dad Blogs and they explain all the rules to enter the contest.  The first rule is to blog about the contest and why you want to win.  Just click here and enter!  Also, if you join the site, please let me know your screen name, so that I can comment about it on their website.  It’s another way for me to get an entry into the contest.  Thanks.  I hope I…um, I mean the boys…win their dream playground.  OK, I’ll admit, I would be playing on this thing right along with them.  Wish me luck!