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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Congratulations, Miss Williams!

As most of you know, my sister is getting married in August.  The only problem is that right now, she lives in New Braunfels and Brad lives in Snook (funny name for a town but about 2 or 3 hours away).  Brad is a fireman and paramedic for the Bryan Fire Department, and Christina teaches 3rd grade at Klein Road Elementary School. 

Christina has been busy looking for jobs in the area.  She was on her Spring Break last week and went down to go see if she could get herself a job.  If she wasn’t able to get a job, Brad would have to move into her house in New Braunfels and have to commute to work every 3 days so that she could keep her current position.  That wouldn’t be fun.

So through a series of events kind of like 6 degrees of separation, there is a new school being built in the Bryan/College Station area.  The wife of one of the other firemen is going to be working at this new school, and the principal says that they are going to need another 3rd grade teacher.  This lady tells the principal that she knows just the teacher for the job.  She didn’t know Christina’s last name, but she did know that she worked in New Braunfels and that Christina had already submitted her application online.  So the principal did the detective work to figure out how to contact Christina.  That day she called Chris and asked her to come in for an interview.  Since Christina was already in town, it worked out perfectly.

Christina aced the interview and just yesterday got a call asking if she was interested in the position.  I knew all along she would get the job.  Now Chris is just waiting to sign her contract and then she will be ready to give up her current job. 

I’m so proud of my sister!  She has overcome a learning disability to become such a great teacher.  This new school will be lucky to have her.  But now that I think of it, her name won’t be Miss Williams at her new school.  By the time she meets her new students, she will be Mrs. Moring!  That might take me a little while to get used to.  I still remember her as the little girl whose nose I cracked open while swinging her in circles in my bedroom.  But she’s all grown up now. 


The Bowers Family said...

Welcome to the "My Little Sister is Getting Married / Is Married Club" it takes a little adjustment but it's still fun. Planning on attending the big event as long as our future move doesn't get into the mix, since we still don't know where or when. I am so thankful that God saved that perfect job just for Chris, He always works those things out in unexpected ways. You will like visiting her in Aggieland.