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Friday, January 16, 2009

Why I love being a mommy

I know that sometimes I get caught up in things, like stress and worry.  But I watch my boys, and they have a way of lightening things up. 

Just last night we came home from dinner with friends.  We got the boys in their pajamas, and put on their slippers.  Micah had just discovered that morning that he could run into the kitchen and slide on his socks.  Talk about fun!  So tonight he and Caleb were running around the kitchen and sliding and falling down on their bottoms.  It was so funny to watch!  Caleb was having so much fun even though he hadn't perfected the art of sliding around on his slippers.  He would kind of just plop down on his bottom.  Thank goodness for diaper padding!

And I have been getting the sweetest kisses lately.  Caleb's kisses have recently been few and far between.  But  lately I'll ask for one, and he will give me one.  I love it!  Micah has been giving me multiple kisses at one time.  He thinks it's a game, and I will go with it as long as he wants. 

Both boys love to read.  They are always bringing me books to read to them.  You know how people have that way of putting their arm around a child while they are sitting together?  Well, Micah has started doing that with me.  I will read him a book, and he will reach around me.  While I'm reading he will be patting my back or playing with my hair.  I enjoy this.  It just shows how he is learning from what other people do. 

There are tons of other reasons, but those are just a few.  Oh!  Don't let me forget how they smell after their baths!  What a sweet, sweet smell.  I love my boys, and I'm thankful every day that God allowed us to have them.