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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Having fun at the beach

We have had some great weather the past few days.  It was so nice we decided to take the boys to Surf Beach today.  John looked online and it said the swells were going to be pretty big. 

Micah had gotten a fishing pole for Christmas, and he wanted to use it when we went to the beach.  We also got the sand toys together, and off we went!

003  006

We haven't been to the beach in quite a while, because Micah had somehow gotten fearful of the waves.  We had taken him to other beaches, and as soon as he saw the waves, he wouldn't go near the beach.  Until I moved out here, I hadn't realized how loud it is at the beach, so it made a little sense to me why he would be scared.  But Micah told us he isn't scared of the beach anymore. 

008  015

Caleb discovered he could throw rocks into the ocean.  He sure enjoyed doing that!

019  022

024  050

044  046

048   025

Micah wanted John to bury him in the sand.  John dug a pretty big hole and had Micah stand in it.  Then he filled it up and packed it in.  It took Micah a while to be able to get out.

051  052

Micah wanted to be buried again.  So John did it again.  Needless to say, by the end of our time at the beach, we were all covered with sand.  But it was worth it.


If you look closely at Caleb's mouth, you will notice it is COVERED with sand.  I think he might have been trying to eat it.  When we got home and stripped the boys down for a bath, there was even sand in his diaper.  They were so sandy that they got their bath as soon as we got home, and still needed a bath tonight to get the last little bits of sand out of their hair and ears.