Welcome to the life and times of John, Alisha, Micah, Caleb and Lima the dog!

Monday, January 19, 2009


This morning has been good.  I'm a little worn out, though.  We just got done with a ticklefest.  It all started when Caleb climbed up on the couch with me.  I kept asking for kisses, so I told him I would tickle him if I didn't get one.  Well, he had to provoke me and say no.

That's when the tickles began.  I flopped him back on the couch.  I started tickling him and stealing kisses.  He has the sweetest belly laugh! 

Micah never wants to be left out of anything.  "Me too!" he said, so I sat Caleb on the floor and Micah climbed up on the couch.  He started giggling uncontrollably before I even started tickling him.  Too funny!  He got his turn of tickles, and then he said, "It's Caleb's turn again." 

I think we kept going back and forth for at least half an hour.  It was so much fun.  The boys both did well with taking their turns.  I think there should be more ticklefests in the future!