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Monday, January 12, 2009

Maybe I've been watching too much CSI

I was heading to the car yesterday to go buy a Sunday newspaper, when I noticed something funny about our mailbox.  I went to take a look, and that's when I noticed that it had been zip-tied shut.  It was weird, but I didn't have time to check it out right then.  When I got home, I told John about the mailbox.  It didn't look like something the post office would do because it didn't have any USPS logo on it or anything.  But since it was Sunday, there was no urgency to fix it. 

Yesterday while I was busy getting my grandma to and from the doctor and the hospital, I had some time to think about how that happened to our mailbox.  Probably just hooligans. (Boy, I'm getting old if I'm thinking of teenagers as hooligans).  But I guess I've been watching too much CSI because I started thinking about something being put inside our mailbox and then shut.  Maybe a bomb, or a rat, or something equally spooky.

So this morning, I get all CSI-ed out.  I got my camera ready, and I was planning on wearing plastic gloves so as not to tamper the crime scene.  I wanted to document the zip tie on the mailbox in case something happened to me while opening the mailbox.  Now my imagination was working overtime.

I realized once I made it out to the mailbox that I had forgotten the plastic gloves, but I was too lazy to go back in to get them.  So pictures of the crime scene would have to suffice.  I took pictures of the mailbox and I was ready for an explosion as I opened the mailbox, so I stood to the side as I opened it.  I craned my neck over, but the mailbox was EMPTY!  What a letdown.  Kind of anti-climactic. 

Oh well, I guess that's actually better.  But I don't want my hard work to go to waste, so here are the pictures of my crime scene.  OK, Gil Grissom wouldn't like the quality of them, and I didn't have the little number thingies they put next to all their pictures, but they will just have to do.

015   016