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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Now it's time for some relaxation

It's been another busy week, so I am glad to finally have some down time to sit back and relax.  Or relax as much as  a mom of 2 rambunctious boys can, at least.

Sunday afternoon, I took my grandma to Urgent Care.  She had been sick since Tuesday, but had been putting off going to the doctor hoping she might get better.  She called and asked me to take her, so off we went.  She got in to see Dr. Little (I'm getting to know the Urgent Care staff pretty well).  She said that she wanted to give her some IV fluids since she was pretty dehydrated.  Plus they drew this huge vial of blood and the nurse personally drove it over to the lab at the hospital to have it tested.  When the results got back, they discovered that she was even more dehydrated than they thought and it was now messing with her kidney functioning.  Plus some of the levels from some medicines she was taking were at dangerously high levels due to not being flushed out of her system as a properly functioning kidney would normally do.

The decision was made to put her in the hospital for a couple of days to monitor her and get her feeling better.  So I drove her over to the hospital at 7 and stayed with her hoping to see the doctor.  I finally gave up at 9 pm.  I heard later that he came about 10 that night. 

The next day I spent trying getting my aunt to the hospital.  My father-in-law offered to watch the boys, so that helped a lot.  I ran some errands for my aunt and my grandma, and in the process, again missed seeing the doctor.  Due to HIPAA regulations, I needed to be there when the doctor was there to be able to ask any questions about my grandma. 

The next morning, I tried to get myself and the boys ready as fast as possible so that I could get to the hospital before the doctor made his morning rounds.  I had called the nurses station, and they said they thought he wouldn't be in until around 9 or 10.  But that didn't sound right since I knew he is very busy at Sansum and would probably have patients waiting to see him there. 

I was pulling out of the drive when my aunt called to tell me that the doctor was in with my grandma.  She had been on the phone when the doctor came, so my grandma had to get off.  I was racing over hoping that I could get to him before he left the hospital.   I get there and get the boys in to the stroller.  I get all the way to the nurses station and they say he has already left for the clinic.  HOW FRUSTRATING!

My grandma was released late Tuesday morning.  She is feeling a lot better, and just wants to rest.  I got her settled at home, and I think she's just going to lay around for a while.

Well, I never got to talk to the doctor.  But I have enlisted the help of my parents, my aunts, and my uncle to make sure she starts taking better care of herself, and eating more.  Hopefully that will help.

Since I hadn't really been home in two days, the house was a shambles.  Just ask my sister-in-law.  She came over for a while, and she can attest to it.  And it was also my turn to host bunco last night.  Not really a problem, but I had to clean the house from top to bottom to get everything ready.  I just don't really enjoy cleaning, but who does? 

We were able to get it all done, and I won too!  Well, at least I broke even.  And now I plan on doing nothing for the rest of the day.  And tonight, John and the boys and I are getting to visit with some friends we haven't seen in a while.  It will be nice to catch up.