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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Now we're the Imagination Movers!

OK, I already told you about Micah's imagination.  Today, we are all the Imagination Movers.  If you don't know them, they are a new show on Disney.  They are 4 guys who work in a warehouse solving idea emergencies.  Their names are Smitty, Scott, Dave, and Rich. 

Micah has decided he is Smitty (which he pronounces as Mitty), John is Scott (pronounced Cot), I am Dave, and Caleb is Warehouse Mouse.  I don't know why poor Rich got left out. 

I already told you that Micah goes all out when he is pretending.  Right now, he will only answer to Smitty.  But it's been making me chuckle, because a few times, he has messed up with my new name.  He called to me a little earlier and said, "Mama...I mean...Dave."  It just makes me laugh.  Just wanted to share.


Crutchley's said...

Thank you for the wonderful Thanksgiving card! We miss you guys!!