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Monday, November 10, 2008

Going to the chapel, and she's gonna get married

Well, I've been waiting a long, long time to be able to say (or write) these words.  MY SISTER IS GETTING MARRIED!  Christina has been dating Brad for over 2 years, and he finally proposed to her.  They got engaged on Saturday.  Here's a picture of them pre-engagement.


And here's a picture of Christina post-engagement.  It's a cell phone picture, so sorry about the quality.


And I know girls always want to see the ring, so here it is.  Again, another cell phone pic.


So, the details as I know them...Brad and Chris were going to the Aggie game, and I guess you sit at the quad before the game and watch the March In.  Well, they were sitting there and Brad put the ring on her finger.  I guess he asked her if she wanted to wear it and she looked down, and just started hitting him.  My family tends to get a little physical :)  I think she asked him if he was serious, because you never know with Brad.  And then he got on his knee and asked her if she would marry him.  I think she eventually said yes after all the hitting.

I don't know when the wedding will be, just that it will probably be next fall.  But the details don't matter right now!  I'm just really excited for my sister and I wish her all the happiness in the world. 


The Bowers Family said...

Yeah Congrats Christina! So glad to welcome another Aggie into the family! Whoop!

Anonymous said...

Hooray!!! That's great news!! From Jennifer Covington