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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dancing, dancing

I don't have any pictures or video to attach (Brenda, you'll have to tell me how to attach video).  But last night we were all sitting around after dinner.  We were letting the boys watch the Imagination Movers.  It's a new show on Disney and the boys love it.  Thank goodness for DVRs!  Well, we turned it on and Caleb just started waving his arms around and dancing.  Micah, hearing us praise Caleb's dancing, had to get in on the act too.  He went over to where Caleb was and starting dancing around and showing us some of his breakdancing moves also.  It was too funny!  Caleb was bouncing around and stomping his feet, and Micah was just wiggling all over the place.  John and I love watching the boys enjoy themselves.  They both really enjoy music. 


The Maples said...

Ha ha. Happy to. There is a little icon next to the button to attach a video next to the picture button in the toolbar of your post. Just select your video and it will upload it. Or you can upload your video to YouTube and paste the html in your post. Hope this helps!

Ben is a big time dancer. It is so stinkin' cute! Isn't it great when they start playing off of each other? Fun times!