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Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Fun

I'm just now getting around to posting pictures from Halloween and the Fall Festival at our church because I lost the little doodad that I use to download the pictures onto the computer. 

Micah was ready to put on his costume bright and early in the morning.  He wanted to go show it off to everyone.  I had been putting him off every day since we had bought the costume, so since he had waited so patiently, I told him he could put it on now.  We decided that we could go see family around town.  So I got the boys into their costumes and loaded them into the car.

001  002

We went around town visiting different family members to show off.  Micah got a little added bonus because I had to run to the grocery store as well.  It was easier on me to just take the boys as they were instead of going home to change, so Micah got to be Spiderman at Vons.  He really enjoyed it when people would walk by and comment on his costume.  What a ham!

In the evening, it was time for the fall festival.  So we got the boys dressed up again, and off we went!  This was our first year attending this fall festival, and it was nice, because it was on a much smaller scale than the one we had been attending in past years.  It made it easier to keep track of the boys.

003  005

007  011

013  016 

019  023 

The boys really enjoyed themselves, and we loved watching them participate in all the games and activities.  Caleb enjoyed any game that had a ball with it, especially the ones that would fit in his mouth!  We won some cupcakes and cookies in the cakewalk.  I won at bingo!  And we...I mean...the boys got a lot of candy.  We wouldn't dream of eating the boys' candy, of course.