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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Preparations & The Feast

Micah’s class has been preparing many Thanksgiving decorations for their families.  I’m so glad they were so thoughtful or we wouldn’t have had any decorations for our holiday table.  And Micah was so helpful.  He told me where to place all of the decorations.

We start off with the Pilgrims.  John and I especially love the eyelashes.  I really need to ask Mrs. Pilgrim what kind of mascara she uses, because her lashes are luscious!


Next up is the turkey and an Indian.  As I was looking at the painting of the turkey, I noticed that the turkey may have feathers growing out of his head…not sure.


And finally, we have the centerpieces for the table.  There is Micah’s fall book that he wrote, a stuffed turkey with feathers made from Micah’s handprints, a canoe, and a teepee.


Every Thanksgiving, Ballard School has a Thanksgiving feast on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  The kindergartners dress up as the Indians, and the first graders dress up as the Pilgrims.  All the families are invited to attend, and we just have a good time of eating with our students.  This year Micah was an Indian.  I didn’t get any pictures of him while we were at school, but I did get some once we got home.

This is Micah shooting his bow and arrow at me.  On his back he is wearing a quiver filled with arrows.  It was really cute because the girls were wearing papooses (or is the plural form called papeese?) and there were little baby Indians in them.


Now he’s showing us his bow and arrow.


And now he is showing us the rest of his headdress.


I love this little Indian!  Happy Thanksgiving!  We all have much to be thankful for!