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Monday, June 1, 2009

Texas, Part 2

Friday night, I got to go out with my friend Kathy and have a good time visiting.  We went to see Night at the Museum 2 and then went out for a little Mexican food.  Yum!  Mexican food is just not the same out here as it is back home.

Saturday Christina and I took the boys to the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch.  It’s pretty cool.  I had never been to anything like this before, but you get some animal food and drive around the ranch.  The animals come right up to you to eat.

Beware…Lots of pictures to come.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  Continue at your own risk.  OK, you’ve been sufficiently warned. 

And by the way, I don’t know all of these animals, so don’t ask me what they were.  I can only name the obvious ones.  We were too cheap to buy the book that told us what they were.  I’m a Williams, what do you expect?  The name might have changed, but this girl is still a Williams.

090 098 108

It was really neat.  We let the boys out of their carseats, and Micah had the whole backseat to himself while Caleb stayed up front with us.  The animals would come right up to us.  I was really impressed with my boys.  They weren’t scared one bit.

085 088

092 095

097 101

102 104

The ranch has all sorts of animals.  We saw a lot of deer, and some other deer type animals, and other deer type animals.  Christina warned me of taking too many pictures of the same animals, but I just can’t help myself.  So you, my friends, get to suffer through all these pictures.  It’s kind of like a newer version of those vacation picture slideshows our parents’ friends used to make us sit through.  Welcome to the 21st century version!

120 122 121

 106 123

Then we got to the zebras.  These were what I had been waiting for!  They were pretty cool.  The people in front of us kept spooking them and they would run off, but then they came right up to the car and ate from our hands.  What a neat experience!

128 132 130 133



141 144

127 126 125

Next, we came upon the ostriches.  Christina warned us that we would need to roll up our windows when we got to the ostriches because they will come right up to the car and peck at you.  Plus they have those long necks and they would come all the way inside our car.  But she said the trick is to throw some of the food onto your windshield.  Then the ostriches will peck the food off of your car.  And that’s exactly what they did.  One ostrich even came to my side and thought my finger was some food.  He pecked at my window for what seemed like forever, thinking he might finally get my finger if he tried hard enough.  Caleb and Micah weren’t too sure about that.

149 155 157 158 159 160

We got through with the drive-around tour right before it started to rain.  There was a petting zoo that was covered, so we parked and went over to check out the goats.

169 165 171 173

                 We had a great time.  This is my favorite picture. 


Whew!  I’m exhausted just typing this entry.  The rest of our trip will have to wait until another time.