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Monday, June 1, 2009

Dodgers vs. Rockies

Back in April, John took Micah to his very first professional baseball game.  John has been wanting to do this for a long time, and he finally got some tickets online.  All four of us were originally supposed to go, but Caleb and I instead stayed home.  John and Micah invited Aaron and Joseph Cook to go in our places. 

Everyone was excited to go, and the date of the game was actually On the Field Photo Day.  So the guys got to go onto the diamond and take pictures with the players. 

001 004


John had taken two baseballs to get autographed.  They got Hiroki Koruda and Matt Luke to sign balls.  Micah also got to take a picture with Matt Luke.

011 012

That’s Micah showing off his signed picture of Matt Luke, who I guess used to play until fairly recently when he was injured.

                 027 034 050


There’s Micah and Joseph cheering on the team.  And in case you are wondering, John is not a Dodgers fan by any stretch of the imagination. 

All the guys had a great time.  I am sure there are many more baseball games in our future.