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Thursday, April 1, 2010

First Doctor’s Appointment

Well I went to my first doctor’s appointment yesterday.  I had originally scheduled it for Monday, but they called to say they had an opening yesterday, so I went in. 

I was excited because the doctor decided to do an ultrasound.  It was really small, but you could see my little peanuts in there!



Wait a second…



Did she say what I think she said?…








That’s right, I’m having twins!  Dr. Huss had told me after I had Caleb that I had a heart shaped uterus that would be perfect for carrying twins.  But I didn’t expect to actually have any!  But twins do run in my family on my mom’s side, so I guess anything is possible.

My scanner isn’t working right now, so I couldn’t scan the picture, but I will try at work today, and will post the picture later today. 

How exciting!!!


The Maples said...

WHAT?!?! That's awesome! How exciting! Don't you say you're always looking for a bargain, and here you are with a 2 for 1 special! :) Congratulations, you guys!!!

Tawni said...

Are you beng serious or is this an April Fools joke? If it is true then congrats but if not then you are a brat for getting all excited like that :)

The Maples said...

Yeah, I just realized you wrote this TODAY and not YESTERDAY. So for real or not??? :)

Anonymous said...

It's 100% joke. Though the real joke would be if when she actually does get her first ultrasound, they find two heartbeats. Lol