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Thursday, April 8, 2010


The boys, John, and I had a fun filled Easter weekend.  Saturday morning we took the boys to Trinity Church for their annual Easter egg hunt.  We all met in the sanctuary to sing songs, and then they separated into age groups to listen to a story, make a craft, get refreshments, and then on to the Easter egg hunt.  The boys made a jelly bean carrot that had a little story about  the color of the jelly beans.


Then it was on to the Easter egg hunt.  The boys were so excited.  They hunted and hunted and found the amount of Easter eggs that they were told to find.

012 013 016 017

Once that was over we went home and it was time for lunch and a much needed nap, since the boys had woken up extra early that morning. 

Later that day, the boys dyed Easter eggs.  They really had fun, but we made the mistake of dying the eggs after their bath, so they both ended up going to church the next morning with dyed hands.  Oh well.

022 023

The next morning both boys were excited to find their Easter basket filled with goodies.

024 025


That afternoon we had our friends, the Cook family, over for Easter dinner, as well as John’s family.  It was a good time of food and fellowship.  After lunch, I hid some eggs and then the kids hunted for them.  They had a lot of fun.






You will notice that both of my boys had stripped down to their wife beaters to hunt for eggs.  Don’t want to have anything hindering their ability to find the eggs.

This is what they looked like all gussied up:




We had a great Easter celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, and we hope everyone else had a good day too.