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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Change of plans

Well, I've gone and done it again.  I'm a worrier by nature (gasp!) and I have now thrown a wrench into the works.  Caleb has a hernia and was scheduled to have the surgery to repair it on September 15th. 

The problem was that since we had gone to see the urologist, John or I had had to push the hernia back in every day since.  I thought that if it was out, it would be hurting Caleb.  So I started to worry about it and decided to call the doctor.  He reassured me that if Caleb wasn't crying, he probably wasn't in any pain, and that it was ok to just let the hernia bulge out.  He said that it is probably out more than I know because I can't see through the diaper.  But at the end of the call, he said he would see if he could move up the surgery.

Yesterday I was very busy with both boys since they have been having tummy problems and diarrhea.  I took them both to the doctor.  Micah seems to be on the upswing, so he said to just continue what we were doing for him.  But along with the tummy problems, the doctor also found out that Caleb has an ear infection.  Since he already had diarrhea, he couldn't give him an oral antibiotic.  So poor Caleb had to get a shot of antibiotic.  Not fun.  Plus, I found out I would have the pleasure of getting to collect a stool sample to send to the lab.  Interesting work, I must say.  I wouldn't recommend it as a fun thing to do.

Well, we got home and I was in the middle of cleaning up  poop  when the surgery scheduler called and told me she had gotten  us a new date of September 11 for Caleb's surgery. 

Now this wouldn't be a problem except that my mom was planning on flying out for the surgery to help out, and she had already arranged all of her time off.  So I had to  make the call to her to let her know.  I felt really bad.  If I wouldn't have worried there wouldn't have been any problem. 

Plus, I completely forgot to  mention to the lady that Caleb was sick.  I expect him to be better before the time of his surgery, but you never know with babies.  I called the pediatrician to let them know of the date change.  We have to go back in on Monday to recheck Caleb's ears, so I guess we will know if he is on track to have his surgery as scheduled.