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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Go Team Go!

John took Micah to his first high school football game last night.  Cabrillo was playing St. Joe's.  Micah was pretty excited.  After packing up everything they thought they might need, they were ready to go.  Remember the days when you could just hop in the car with your purse and be ready to go?  Those days are gone.  Blanket, check.  Water, check.  Blanket, check.  Snacks, check.  Who knows what else was in that backpack.

The boys got back right after halftime ended.  Micah couldn't stop talking about the game.  He said he saw "his cheerleader."  Apparently, Micah kept waving and smiling to one cheerleader in particular, so she was his.

John said that Micah had so much fun.  Everyone stood for the first kickoff, so Micah decided that you needed to stand and cheer for every kickoff.  He would clap for the players and would stand in front of John watching the game.

Micah also loved the band.  He did a little imitation of how they played their instruments when they got home.  The guys watched the halftime show.  John could tell after that that Micah was getting a little antsy, so they came home.

Once they got home, Micah kept pretending to be a football player and trying to tackle John.  He kept pretending to take off his helmet and put it on the end table.  It was too funny!  Micah is getting really good at pretending things.  I think both boys had a good time and this most likely won't be their last football game.


The Bowers Family said...

Boys will be boys right. That sounds like some great father son time without the little brother. I long for the days when Chris will have time to just hang out with Madison. Praying that all is great now that Caleb is healing up.

Love and prayers,