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Friday, August 22, 2008

A little bit of nip/tuck

Well, today has been interesting.  I was working in the kitchen this morning, and Caleb was crying a blue-streak.  At first I thought he was just wanting to be held, so I was finishing up what I was doing.  After I was done, I picked him up and went to change his diaper.  When I opened up his diaper, I was in for a surprise.

Caleb's groin was extremely swollen.  There was a bulge AT LEAST the size of a ping pong ball.  I thought it was his testicle.  Well, of course, I did the usual freak out.  At the time I wasn't thinking clearly and was worried that it was going to get even more swollen.  

I called my father-in-law to come take Micah and my mother-in-law actually went to the doctor with me.  I think she was worried about me driving in my frazzled state of mind. 

The staff at the doctor's office was great in that they rearranged the doctor's other appointments in order to get Caleb in right away.  We got sent into a room, and by that time John was there.  He was worried too.

The doctor came in and started examining Caleb.  He said that Caleb had a hernia.  I learned that a hernia is your intestines coming through the stomach lining.  Apparently it is quite common in babies, although I had never heard of it.

The doctor was able to massage the intestines back into place, and said we might need to do it at times.  He said that Caleb would need surgery to correct it.  It's pretty non-invasive as far as surgeries go.  He contacted the urologist immediately, and as of right now, we are just waiting to talk to that doctor and schedule the surgery.  I guess depending on his availability, it will probably be next week....I hope.

I still freak out a little when I think  that my little boy will need to have to have surgery, but I know that God is in control of Caleb's situation.