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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Big Ole Visit With Family

My cousin Josh is stationed at Aviano AFB in Italy.  He and Julia and their daughter Veronika got to come to the States to visit in August.  It was so good to see them.  While they were here, Uncle Paul, Aunt Lori, and Alison came down from Fresno.  My cousin Joy, her husband Sean, and Amber came to visit from Las Vegas.  And Uncle Chip was in town from Ft. Worth.  It was just one big ole good time for visiting.

The boys and I went up to Avila Beach to visit with Uncle Paul and his family on their way down from Fresno.  Josh and his family met us there.  Silly me didn’t have my camera, so no pics.  But it was nice.  We had dinner afterwards at McClintocks.  I had never been there before, but the food was delicious.  The waiters there do this thing where they stand up blindfolded on a chair and pour water into a glass that is sitting on someone’s head.  Alison decided that she wanted to participate, so one of the waiters did it to her.  A quick shower of ice water later and her glass was full.  It was fun to watch, especially since I wasn’t on the receiving end of the shower of water.

The next afternoon we met Uncle Paul’s family at Surf Beach.  It was very cold and windy, so we ended up going to Uncle Paul’s hotel to swim in the pool.  We then all went to Texas Cattle Company for one big family dinner.

Saturday we had a big family picnic at River Park.  From there, we headed out to Jalama Beach.  I had never been to Jalama Beach and had been nagging John about taking me, so it was nice to finally get to go.

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The boys had fun playing in the surf.  Caleb kept going up to the waves and saying, “neener, neener” to them, and then running away when they got close.  Uncle Paul taught him to say neener neener.


019 020

Apparently, Vroni really likes sucking on her salty toes.  Julia said she does it all the time when they’re at the beaches in Italy.  Aunt Lori was playing This Little Piggy with Vroni.  And Uncle Paul played Patty Cake with her.  She loved doing both. 

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We finished off the day with a Jalama Burger.  I’ve lived in Lompoc for 9 years no the, and I must say that the burger was worth the wait!


It was a quick visit with all of the family, but we made the most of it.  All of the family who travelled is now safely back at their respective homes, and we can’t wait to see them again.