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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Praying for John Ruckman

Our friend John Ruckman is having his kidney transplant today down at UCLA.  John has a disease called Polycystic Kidneys.  It’s a hereditary condition passed to males in his family.  John has suffered the effects of this for a very long time. 

He and his wife Carrie started the search for a new kidney for John quite a while ago.  By God’s grace, they were able to find a kidney donor.  The donor is actually a very good friend of theirs.  While waiting to get the transplant, John has been on dialysis three days a week.

He was originally scheduled to have the transplant last month, but they had to postpone due to some lab results that they didn’t like. 

They headed down yesterday.  I’m not really sure of what time the surgery was scheduled for.  So I’m just trying to pray continually for all of the doctors’ wisdom, and that the surgery goes well for both John and his donor. 

I would really appreciate it, and I know John and Carrie would appreciate it too, if you wouldn’t mind taking a moment to pray for a successful transplant and quick recovery for both of them.

Thank you.


The Maples said...

I am so excited that they found a donor for him!!! We love Ruckman! Thanks for keeping us updated. We've been out of the loop for so long! And of course we're praying for him, and his generous donor.