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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fun at Nojoqui Falls

We had some rain recently, so we decided to go to Nojoqui Falls to see the waterfall.  We took the boys, and our nieces, Taylor and Madison.  We also invited our friends, the Barnards to go along with us.

It was a beautiful day to go out there.  We decided to try carrying Caleb in our backpack carrier.  We haven’t used it since we went to New York when Micah was little.  Caleb was not a fan.  I think he just wanted to be able to run around. 

003 010

It was a nice hike up to the falls.  There weren’t as many people there as I thought there would be. 

Here’s a picture of Makayla, Daniel, and Taylor playing on the rocks.  The next picture is of Taylor and Makayla.

013 022

And here are some pictures of our beautiful nieces, Madison and Taylor.

031 046

Caleb found a stick and thought he was pretty big stuff.  Until he stepped into the water, that is.  And my boys took a break to take a look at how tall the waterfall was.

032 037

Caleb climbed a big rock next to the waterfall, with a little help from Dad.


Micah didn’t want to be left out of climbing onto the big rock.

020 044

Isn’t this boy pretty?


And here are some other pictures from our day.

042 050

025 039

Once we were done playing at the falls, we went to the picnic area to have lunch.  The kids enjoyed playing on the playground after they ate. 

We had a really good day, and I’m sure that everyone will sleep good tonight!