Welcome to the life and times of John, Alisha, Micah, Caleb and Lima the dog!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Play Ball!

Today was the opening ceremony for Lompoc Little League.  Micah got all dressed up in his Yankees uniform and we headed out to the baseball park.

Each team had a banner, and Micah’s team won best banner.  Their prize is a pizza party at Mi Amore’s.  He’s pretty excited about that.


But enough of pictures of other things!  I know you really want to see a picture of the Yankees best player!


And a close up picture.


Of course, Caleb wanted his picture taken too.  And when both boys get together, they inevitably want to take silly face pictures.


And one more picture.  Micah recently lost both front teeth.  They  must have been ready to fall out because both of his new teeth are almost all the way in.  But you can still see the cute gap in the following picture.


He has his team pictures later this afternoon.  Now we just have to keep his uniform clean until then.  Wish me luck!