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Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Little of This & A Little of That

It’s been a while since I blogged last, so I thought I’d better catch up a little.

Micah started T-Ball this season.  He is on the Yankees team and has been to a few practices already.  This Saturday is Opening Day.  He really enjoys going to practices and can’t wait to play in a real game.  Here are some pictures from his first practice and a  few pics in his uniform (he doesn’t have the hat yet because the coach is holding on to them as long as possible so they will be clean for Saturday’s pictures).

015016                      068


Isn’t he just too cute!  Go #14!!!

A few weeks ago I won a family pack of tickets to go see the Imagination Movers in Santa Barbara.  The boys were pretty excited because they enjoy watching the Imagination Movers on tv. 

So we loaded the boys in the car and headed to Santa Barbara.  I think John and I may have had more fun than even the boys.  We of course know all of the songs and it was fun singing along and dancing.  We also got to see Genevieve and DC from Choo Choo Soul.  Forgive me if you have no clue who all of these people are, but to us it was a big deal!

                                    032037                                                                       041042                                                                      047050                                                                   053

Micah was star student last week in Kindergarten.  That basically means that it was all about Micah last week.  He was able to bring in a share every day.  Monday, he brought in all of his Angels baseball stuff and some signed baseballs to show the class.  Tuesday, he wore his T-Ball uniform to school and brought his t-ball gear to share.  On Wednesday, he shared some candy bars that he was selling for t-ball (thanks Aunt Ti-Ti!!!  They loved the candy bars!)  On Thursday, Micah was really excited because he got to bring his Daddy and Caleb to share with the class.


Micah really enjoyed getting to share his dad and brother.  And I know John enjoyed getting to go to the class.  Caleb hammed it up.  He walked into the class doing the robot. 

So that’s about it for now.  We just got done putting in new flooring, but we haven’t put on the baseboards yet.  I will show before and after pictures, but that will be after all the finishing touches are done.