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Monday, March 9, 2009

Thank You, Lord

I just wanted to share a sweet Micah story with you.  We were in big boy church yesterday…that’s what Micah calls it.  Here at North Avenue, the kids come into the church service at age 3 and then go in to children’s church before we have the sermon. 

We usually have something in Micah’s backpack to keep him occupied…aka quiet.  But the past couple of weeks he has been wanting to sing along with the songs.  He can’t see above everyone so John normally holds him so he can see the screen, even though he can’t read yet. 

Well, yesterday we were singing, “Thank You Lord.”  Micah was telling John that he wanted to sing too.  This was perfect because most of the song is pretty repetitive.  So John is holding him and every time I look over, Micah is moving his lips.  At first I couldn’t hear him, but towards the end of the song he was really singing the song.  And I could hear him singing the words.  It sure makes a mama proud!

As you know, I’m a pretty mushy person, so of course I started getting tears in my eyes.  Don’t tell John I told you, but he teared up too.

So yesterday afternoon the boys are playing around.  John had fallen asleep on the couch and I’m cleaning up the kitchen.  Micah is playing, and then I hear him start to sing…"Thank you Lord.  Thank you Lord.”  It was SOOO sweet. 

He then started to make the song his own, as the judges on American Idol would say.  He started singing, “Thank you Lord for making Mama and Daddy and Caleb.”  And the waterworks began again!  Stupid hormones!  But it was just so sweet.  I was sad that John didn’t get to hear him sing his song since he was asleep.  He sure missed out!

I love that sweet boy, and I’m glad to be able to hear these beautiful things he says…or sings, and share them with you.


Christina said...

So precious!

Anonymous said...

I do have a very sweet nephew and I know that God will do great things in his life.