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Saturday, March 7, 2009

The HD Raceway

This morning we took the boys to Home Depot.  On the first Saturday of every month, Home Depot has a Kids Workshop where the kids get to build different things.  This month was the HD Raceway.

 hd raceway

This is a nice thing that Home Depot offers.  It is free for the kids, and they get a cute little orange apron just like the employees wear with their names on them.


Here’s the boys getting ready to start making their projects.  They both wanted to wear hats this morning once they saw John putting on his hat.  They want to be just like their daddy!


Micah did really great, even though this project is geared for ages 5-12.  He helped John put the pieces together, and helped apply the wood glue.  John even had him help hammer the nails into the racetrack.

Caleb was a different matter.  He did great at the beginning but he also wanted to use the wood glue.  Except that he wanted to put the wood glue into his mouth.  And when I took it away from him, that was the end of the world.  I’m such a mean mama!  Things just proceeded to go downhill from there.  He was a little cranky from then on out.  That was most likely because it was getting close to nap time. 


Here’s Micah with his finished project.  He didn’t want to look at the camera while I took a picture.  We decided that we were going to paint the racetrack when we got home and then apply all the cool stickers that came with the kit.

We had a lot of fun.  It really is a great thing that Home Depot does to get kids interested in building things.  We are planning on going next month, where the project will be building window birdhouses.