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Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Day at the Park

Micah discovered that his teacher worked at the Solvang Bakery on weekends.  She helped decorate gingerbread houses during the holidays for the owners (all of their kids have gone to Ballard School) and enjoyed it so much that she asked if she could stay on after the holidays were over.  Since John was working today, I figured I would take the boys to Solvang to see Mrs. Carlson and we could have a treat.  So that’s what we did!  We ordered some cookies, apple juice, and chocolate milk and visited with Mrs. Carlson while we ate.  Micah loved getting to see Mrs. Carlson outside of school, and both boys showered her with hugs.

After we were done, the boys and I went to a shop that carries fabric for $1/yard.  Since my amazing cousin Kim explained to me how my sewing machine operates, I have had so many ideas of things I would like to make.  I had gotten an new-to-me table from Goodwill and I plan on refinishing it, but I also wanted to make a tablecloth and recover the ugly fabric on the chairs.  I found some really cute (and also a bit on the girly side) fabric and decided to get it.  John will just have to deal with girly fabric.  I’m outnumbered in this household, and need something that isn’t Hot Wheels or Star Wars related.  Here’s the fabric, and you can also see the hideous blue chair cushions.  I plan on either painting the wood or staining it to a chocolate color.


As a reward for not running hog wild while we were shopping for fabric, I took the boys to Sunny Fields Park.  The boys had a blast.  They ran here, there, and everywhere.




And I feel I must apologize to all of you not in California.  It was a beautiful 70 degrees today.  No, my boys may not see snow in real life anytime soon, but at least they get to enjoy nice days like this pretty often.