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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Just a little something I whipped up…

My sister Christina is in town visiting until tomorrow.  Before she left, the boys wanted to give her her Christmas present, as well as open one of their presents from her (I suspect that they really only cared about opening their present).

She gave them some really cool interactive books, and they gave her a personalized calendar.  John and I got her a cover for her new Bible.  When Caleb saw that, he started asking about having a cover for his Bible.  He has a board book Bible that he enjoys taking to Sunday school.  He said, “Mommy can you make me one?”  How could I say no?…even though I have never made a Bible cover before.

I didn’t have any fabric that he liked, but I did have an old denim shirt with Thomas the Train on it.  He said he wanted that.  So I cut the shirt apart, and saved the piece with the Thomas applique, the row where the buttons go, and the row with the button holes.  So, the finished product has a pocket on the front, and handles that can even button up if you want your Bible to stay closed (I didn’t plan to be able to button it up, but it just worked out that way!).  His little Bible just fits in there snug as a bug in a rug!

I’m pretty proud of myself, and once again have my cousin Kim to thank, since she was the one who long-distance talked me through my first sewing project at Halloween.  So thanks, Kim!

Oh, wait…you probably want to see a picture, right?  Well, here you go!