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Monday, December 14, 2009

A few cute stories

I don’t have any pictures to share, but there are a few things that we’ve done over the past weekend that were too cute not to share.  Plus, I don’t want to ever forget them, so this is the best way to record them.

Last night, our church visited Mission Gardens.  It is a nursing home.  I used to work there when I first moved to Lompoc.  Our youth group had made about 80 little gifts and trinkets for the residents, and the entire church went over last night to deliver the gifts and go caroling through the halls.  We made for a pretty good crowd. 

Val, our youth pastor’s wife was in charge of making sure all of the gifts got handed out.  She would hand the kiddos a gift and little gingerbread man door hanger and they would walk into the resident’s room, say Merry Christmas, and then hand the resident their gift.  When Micah saw what was going on, he wanted to help.  I was so surprised at how well he did.  He is usually a little reticent to do these types of things, and he is usually shy around new people.  But my big boy just walked right into those rooms and handed out gifts.  He would say Merry Christmas, and then hand the ladies and gentlemen their gifts.  No shyness at all.  And once Caleb saw big brother doing it, he wanted to do it as well.  I was so proud of my boys!  Caleb would walk in and say Memy Mismis!  It is so cute the way he says it! 

The boys didn’t know all the carols we sang, but they joined in on the ones that they knew, like Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Jingle Bells, and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. 

I loved watching them interact with the residents and sing the carols.  And I loved watching my boys care for these residents, since Mission Gardens still has a special place in my heart even though I no longer work there.

Later as we were driving around looking at lights, John asked Micah why we went over to Mission Gardens.  And he said that God wanted us to help take care of sick people.  Isn’t that just the sweetest thing to know that God is working on the heart of a little 4 year old?  It makes me tear up just thinking about it.  (I know, what a crybaby I am!)

So another story.  I have told you that the boys like to go around to the different Santa figures sitting outside peoples’ houses and tell him what they want for Christmas.  Well, John has been making a Santa voice when Micah would tell Santa what he wanted.  Like a deep voice, “OK, yeah, maybe” those sorts of responses.  And it was cute because when it was Caleb’s turn to talk to Santa, Micah started to make the Santa voice for Caleb.  It was too funny.  Micah wants to be like his daddy so much. I love that the boys love their daddy so much.  I am lucky to have such a good husband who is such a great father to my little boys.