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Sunday, November 29, 2009

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

We put up our Christmas tree this morning.  The boys were super excited about all of the goings-on.  Once we got the tree put together and the garland and star on, it was time for some ornamenting. 

The boys kept looking in the ornament box and Caleb kept making this ooohh sound.  It was really funny.  He kept saying, “I do it.”  But he couldn’t quite get the hangers to stay on the limbs.  He really was just basically setting the ornaments on the limbs.  But he was doing a pretty good job. 

Micah wanted to wear his Duke from GI Joe costume while we were decorating.  As usual, the ornaments are all pretty close together since the boys seem to have favorite limbs to hang almost every ornament on.  But they did their best, and the tree looks pretty good even though most of the ornaments are situated in the same general area.

Here are some pics:

004 017 033 046 035

047                                      051 057


Christina said...

Now, you better have your camera ready to take pics if the tree just happens to fall over..again. ;)